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short angsty drabble- not even 500 words. i found it in my document recovery and i’m not sure what it was for???? can’t remember

pairing: NaLu

summary: because Lucy was well and he definitely wasn’t

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Natsu wasn’t exactly sure what happened. One minute he was taking Lucy to the bathroom, and the next, she was tugging him inside with her and locking the door.


“Uh, Lucy?”

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naluheartneelia asked:

Natsu, can you describe with explicit detail the definition of love in the romantic sense and with whom you feel embodies it the fullest?

Natsu couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened, or how, really. It kind of crept up on him until he couldn’t deny what he was feeling anymore. It left him reeling with unanswered questions, but he knew one thing for certain

he fell in love with Lucy.

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He had crept up on her, winding his arms around her before she knew what was happening. She whirled around to face him, but he hide his face in her hair before she could see him.

"Natsu…?" Lucy asked, her arms going around him in an instant despite the hesitation in her voice. He liked that about her, how she instinctively felt the urge to comfort others.

"Why are you hugging me?" She asked, her tone more curious than it was accusing.

"No reason." He replied easily. Natsu didn’t need to see her face to know that she looked skeptical of him. "I’m cold." He added.

"But you’re never cold."

"There’s a first time for everything, Lucy."

"…Well, I’m kind of cold too…"

He liked their playful banter. Natsu knew that Lucy didn’t care if he was hugging her. Although, he wasn’t the one that needed the comforting.

Natsu had gotten word that Lucy was depressed about Eclair again. They didn’t happen often, her depressive moods. But when they did show up, well, Natsu could smell her tears from more than one room away.

The last thing Eclair asked him to do was comfort Lucy, and he did. But he felt as if it was his duty to look after her know when she got in these moods. Guild members would tell him “Lucy is sad about Eclair”, but what they meant was, “Lucy needs you”, and who was he to deny his partner some small comfort?

He was sympathetic to Lucy. She had lost too many loved ones in her time, and he could relate to that. It was a sad thing, and he tried not the let his tragedies get the best of him. When he held her like that, in secret, he wanted his feelings to reach her. Natsu was a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words. So, he would hide his face in her shoulder in case she started crying, and she didn’t want him to see. Not that he thought it was shameful, he was just trying to be considerate.

He unwrapped his arms from around her, his fingers trailing on her skin for perhaps longer than necessary. How long had they been hugging? Natsu didn’t know. He lost track of time when he was with her.

"Are you warm now?" She asked, her voice softer.

"Are you?” He countered with a smirk. His questioned suggested something else, and he could practically see the gears turning in her brain to figure out a simple question.

Are you okay now?

She remained in his airspace, standing far closer to him than what was probably decent. But he felt infinitely better, safer, when she was close, so he didn’t exactly mind.

"Much warmer." She smiled as she turned to leave. A genuine smile. He was fond of that smile -because it made him smile- but partially because it gave him hope. Hope that his feelings might have reached her this time.


They were sitting in Lucy’s room after their latest mission. It was more rough than they had expected. Lucy was currently bandaging an injury on his forearm. The pair sat side-by-side on the bed, their thighs squishing together, but neither of them noticed.

"You stupid boy, you could’ve gotten killed!" She scolded. Lucy was upset with him, more than usual it seemed. She got frustrated easily when he was reckless.

"I saved you though didn’t I? Who cares if I got a little hurt in the process?" He said nonchalantly.

I care!” She snapped. Natsu was startled to see tears brimming in her eyes. He looked away shamefully while she muttered about him being an idiot.

She finished her work, but neither of them moved. He dared to look back up at her.

"Lucy, are you mad at me?" He asked, like a guilty child. She sighed, running her fingers over his bandaged arm, almost lovingly.

"No, just… Just be more careful next time…" She said softly, her brown eyes bright with worry for him.

"And-And thanks for saving me, too." She leaned forward to peck his cheek. Natsu knew that’s what she was doing. And for something reason, he didn’t want that. He wanted more than that, and his body acted accordingly- just to see if it would work. Just this once he could try something more stupid than usual.

He tilted his head just before her lips reached his skin, making her mouth press gently against his. Natsu watched as her eyes widened, then fluttered shut, and his did the same.

The liplock only lasted for a few seconds, but in those blissful seconds, Natsu and Lucy were smacked with the reality of what they were doing.

They tore away from each other, backing up to either sides of the bed with equally flabbergasted expressions.

Lucy looked breathless, her cheeks stained red as her fingertips brushed where his lips had been. And he could only sit there in awe.

"Whoa, Lucy…"

Was it bad that he wanted to steal another?


How could you write a drabble like that!? Don't get me wrong, it was a really good drabble. But you shattered my heart, and Natsu's heart, may I add!

i will not rest till i’ve shattered everyone’s hearts didnt u know

Don’t play with fire. Respect it. Know it’s brilliance and power, but never take it for granted. If you can’t control the flames, you’re not worthy of them.

Every now and then, a day would come along where Natsu Dragneel was reminded of the more important things in his life- the people he wanted to protect. And, to be more precise, Natsu was reminded of Lucy in particular.

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